Sport Walk Events

Sport Walk Walkshops

Sport Walk Walkshops give you a unique opportunity to learn from experienced Sport Walkers, get ready for a challenge event or fine tune your Sport Walking skills. They cater for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced walkers and feature a group walk punctuated with advice, guidance and top tips. Learn while you enjoy a Sport Walk!

Ultra Walkshops

Our Ultra Walkshops are ideal for those taking on an ultra marathon challenge, whether or not it’s their first time. They focus mainly on organised events but are equally as useful if you’re planning a personal challenge. The Walkshops are just that – a workshop in a walk and we take you on a 15-20km walk imparting invaluable tips and advice to kick start your journey to that start line.

Sport Walk Ultra Shakedown

Our ‘Ultra Shakedowns’ are designed to give you a great workout close to your challenge day. It’s still a Walkshop, so it’s not just about putting in a physical effort – we give you tips, pointers, advice and encouragement to ensure you go into your challenge as well prepared as possible. These Walkshops are aimed at those who have done their training and want to sharpen up for the start line.

Sport Walk Night Walkshop

Quite possibly the aspect that generates more calls for advice on social media is how to handle night time segments of ultra challenges. Understandably, many feel uncomfortable with the thought of being out on trails after dark but our Night Walkshop, you can get advice and tips to help you thrive, not just survive, walking at night. We’ll accompany you on a long night walk to help you acclimatise.

Our ‘Walkshops’ will be launching in 2023 & this page will be updated regularly, so keep an eye out for new dates!

Let’s get you in shape to smash your challenge goal!