VIDEO: Leg Drive

We discuss the concept of Leg Drive in this video explainer Learn how to get more power into your stride, by perfecting your Leg Drive – driving your legs backwards to propel you forwards.

An Ultra State of Mind

As we all navigate the Corona Virus lockdown, there’s a lot we can learn from ultra challenges.

Virus, what virus?

In this second post of our special series, Roger Burlinson explains how you can come out of lockdown in better shape than if it’d never happened.

Reframe, Reset, Refocus

In a new special series of posts, Roger Burlinson looks at how we might turn the adversity of the moment to our advantage

Ultra Challenge ‘Walkshops’ Launched

Sport Walk Ultra Challenge ‘Walkshops’ We’ve set the date for two brand new ‘Walkshops’ (a walk with workshop elements), focussing on ultra challenges. They’re designed to give advice, guidance and technical coaching to anyone taking on an ultra challenge event this year. The first walk is designed for people taking on their first ultra. It…

Newfeel Walking Socks

Seeing as this is our first blog post after Christmas, it feels appropriate to do a review of some socks!

VIDEO – Challenge yourself

You’ve nailed walking faster, you’ve got all your gear sorted, now you just need to inject some actual ‘sport’ into your Sport Walking! In this final instalment of the three principles of Sport Walking series, Roger talks about all the ways you can build challenge into your day to day walking – to give you…

VIDEO – Best gear swaps

GO LIGHT: How to go light with gear swaps to save weight – the Sport Walker’s guide. In this second video in our Sport Walking basics series, designed to help you get to grips with the three core principles of Sport Walking – walking fast, going light and challenging yourself, Roger shares his top four…