Getting to grips with Sport Walking challenges

If you find coming up with new ideas for your Sport Walking challenges a little…. umm…. challenging, then fret not because the Sport Walk guide to Sport Walking challenges is here to help!

A cunning plan…

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been beavering away here at Sport Walk Towers, working on our plans for 2019.

Health, wellbeing & Sport Walking

With inactivity and obesity arguably being the most pressing and serious public health issues any nation faces today, it’s not surprising that the promotion of walking has come to the fore.

Staunton Way Full Loop

When we decided to use the 2018 season to establish a few Sport Walking Trail Records, we needed to start with some shorter distances and gradually build duration over the summer. This meant picking some routes around 40-50k in length and relatively close to home, so we could keep the logistics as simple as possible….

How to Succeed in an Ultra Challenge Event

With the Ultra challenge event season approaching, we thought we’d take a look at some key strategies to implement if it’s your first time or if you’re seeking to improve. Regardless of the overall distance you’re travelling, there are a number of elements that will make a big difference to the way you perform, from…

3 step technique boost

If you’re stepping up to take on an ultra distance challenge walk, there are three key adaptations you can make that will really help you walk longer faster. Whether you’re just looking to go the distance or set a fast time it doesn’t matter, just tune your technique and feel the benefits using these extracts…