Sport Walk 12 Challenge

Everyone’s going to be missing out on their big challenge event this summer, so at Sport Walk, we decided to come up with a replacement that anyone can do – the ‘Sport Walk 12’. And to add a little extra something, it’s a challenge to do on the longest day of the year! The challenge is quite simple – you choose your own route, set your own goal and then walk as far as you can in 12 hours. It’s not quite a full monty ultra but it’s a pretty good compromise! 

Record your challenge using a sports watch or phone app and post it on Strava or another sports network (join our Strava club and we’ll see your achievement). Take some snaps along the way and share them with your total distance on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #sportwalk12 (mention us too and we’ll re-post on our page). Better still, shoot some video and send it over to us and we’ll make a short film of everyone’s challenges!

This is not a race, it’s about you achieving your own personal goal. Nor is it a virtual challenge, it’s the real thing! OK, so you won’t be among hundreds, thousands of others but the test is still the same. For your goal, have a target distance that is achievable based on your current ability but push yourself to go further! That’s the point – to go beyond what you know you can do.

If all goes well and we have the freedom to roam, then pick a way marked route and go point to point. You could walk a section of the Ridgeway, The South Downs Way or the Pennine Way. If you can’t travel far, plan the biggest loop you can and do laps, the choice is yours (well, assuming we have choices). If restrictions remain tight, then we might postpone the challenge until we can all do it justice but hopefully things will have moved to a point by the 21st June where it’s going to be viable.

If you can go point to point, you’re going to need support to get to and from the trail & for food & drink supplies (unless you work out how & where you can restock fuel & hydration along the way) but don’t worry, we’ll be publishing an article soon on how to build your own challenges, with guidance on support crews, so you’ll have all the info you need to plan your attack!

Now the 21st June this year falls on Father’s Day, so if you’re a Dad, exploit this to recruit your sport crew! If you’re anything other than a Dad then hey, make your excuses and promise a celebration when you’re done!

So there you go, now you do have a challenge to work towards! You’ve got over a month to prepare, so that’s plenty of time to get in great shape to knock your goal out of the park! We’ll keep you posted on whether it’s going ahead on the 21st June or a later date if restrictions remain in place.

Get planning, get training, get going (yeah, we know but it’s the best we could think of)