Sport Walk Advocates

Could you be a Sport Walk Advocate and spread the word about Sport Walking to help it grow?

Sport Walk’s mission is to grow awareness of and participation in Sport Walking and although we’re committed to working hard to achieve this, we know we can’t do it on our own. So we’re seeking ‘advocates’ who can help us spread the word and share our vision for Sport Walking.

Our goal is to create a community, similar in make up and nature to the burgeoning trail and ultra running scene. A community of like minded people who love to take on Sport Walking challenges as much as they love simply to be out on the trails walking. We don’t think that this is a particularly hard sell because the appeal of Sport Walking is that it is so accessible and while not everyone will want to go at a fast pace, almost everyone who loves trail walking can be persuaded of the benefits of setting a challenge and discovering what you’re capable of. So we believe this community is already out there, it’s just that people don’t realise it!

Why advocates?
OK, so this is really because we’re mindful that despite our enthusiasm and drive, we’re not yet in the kind of position that would make us feel comfortable asking people to be ‘Ambassadors’! That’s for the kind of organisations that already have some clout and can offer treats or gifts as an incentive. All we have to offer is our gratitude, a commitment to always be leading from the front and the vision of what we want Sport Walking to become.

So, we decided to ask for advocates because essentially what we need and what Sport Walking needs at this particular point is for people who get it, for trail lovers who’ve found something that clicks with them in taking on a Sport Walking challenge or just in walking strongly in beautiful places, to advocate for Sport Walking. We don’t want you to promote us, we want you to spread the word and tell your friends, family, contacts and anyone with a pulse who’ll listen what Sport Walking is, why it’s great and why they should give it a go.

We figured that if you like Sport Walking (or, hopefully even, love it) that you’ll be happy to tell the world all about it. We just reckon that if we can bring everyone together under some kind of umbrella to do this, then we can start to get that cohesive community growing around a central hub (that’s where we come in). So we’d also want Advocates to point people to Sport Walk – to this blog or to our social channels, so they can get information and inspiration that will help them get hooked themselves.

Now, we’re fully aware that this might seem like an attempt on our part simply to get more likes, more followers and more interactions but it’s not. Seriously, it’s not. The reason we want to build a community around ‘Sport Walk’ is because a community needs to coalesce around something to be a community and we’ve got the plan, the content and the drive to do all the other bits that will ensure people engage with Sport Walking and continue to engage with it.

So, we need people to find and join us all on Facebook or Strava or follow our YouTube channel, specifically so that they can then get access to the resources we publish, find walking groups or ‘Walkshops’ and generally feel that they are a part of something tangible.

What do we want you to do?
It’s quite simple, first, let us know that you’re happy to be a Sport Walk Advocate. Next, advocate for Sport Walking whenever you can….. That’s really about it (see, it’s not a huge commitment).

There are a few specifics we’d ask you to do though. Firstly, to use our description of Sport Walking when explaining what it is to others (really, just so there’s consistency), which is: Walking a challenge route or taking part in a challenge event and walking it in the shortest time you can.

Next, to adopt the term ‘Sport Walker’ for yourself and to explain what Sport Walking is to anyone who’s interested. Third, to point people either to this site, to our YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter feed, so they have a means of actually doing something with all this information you’re enthusiastically giving them. And, finally, to actively share walks you do with us or to mention us when posting about your Sport Walking on social media, so we can support you supporting us!

What will we do?
We’ll continue to work hard ourselves to build up Sport Walking into the thing we know it can become and we’ll also count you as a ‘founding Sport Walker’ in this process. OK, so that might sound a bit pompous but in essence that’s what you’ll be because by getting involved and helping to build a community with us, you’ll be a founding part of what we hope will be a really big community one day.

If you want help or advice on walking yourself, we’ll of course go above and beyond to give you guidance and encouragement and if you’re super keen and would be interested in getting a Sport Walking Group going in your area, we’ll help. And if we’re able to arrange any freebies or discounts from brands that we form alliances with as things grow, you’ll be the first ones to benefit. Oh, and then there’s our own merchandise…. when we get going with this properly, you’ll get a special discount.

We wish there was something extra we could offer but at the moment, the most we have to give is our gratitude and excitement to be working to get Sport Walking to a stronger place with you alongside us.

If you want to help and get involved, first message us on our Facebook page or any other social channel. Next, send us a photo of yourself, preferably out walking or Sport Walking so we can add you to our Advocates list and promote the contribution you’re making. Then, follow all the guidance on this page in terms of what to do on a day to day basis – which is basically telling anyone who’ll listen how good Sport Walking is until they get fed up with you! Lastly, tag us in your posts, share what you’re up to with us and participate in the challenges we share.

We hope you’ll join in!