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Return of our ‘Walkshops’

In the spring of 2020 we held our first ‘Ultra Walkshop’ – a combination of a training walk and a workshop – but shortly afterwards…. well, we all know what happened next! Now, we’re bringing them back & very soon, we’ll have more information on where & when they’ll take place.

‘My First Ultra’ online course

All the production and preparation is complete and our new online course – ‘My First Ultra’ – is due to launch on the weekend of 2nd/3rd/ April. The curriculum covers everything you need to know to take on your big challenge. Learn more

All about Sport Walking

Move Fast

Sport Walking is all about taking on challenges and completing them in the shortest time possible for you, from 5k ‘super sprints’ all the way up to ultramarathons

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Go Light

In order to move fast, you need to minimise the weight you carry, so making the switch to using ultra lightweight kit from more traditional walking gear is key

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Challenge Yourself

Challenge is everything in Sport Walking because that’s where the sport lies. Sport Walking challenges take you on a journey of self discovery

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Look back to move forward: How reflecting on your past achievements can help your motivation. Read now

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