NEW VIDEO: How to Climb – The art of walking up hills FAST!

In this companion video to our ‘Free Speed’ package, Roger explains how to turn hills and climbs from what most people view as a chore into something you can actually enjoy and become good at tackling. He looks at the reasons why most people find climbing hard and offers solutions to make going uphill at…

NEW VIDEO: Free Speed – The Art of Descending FAST!

In this video, Roger Burlinson explains the concept of viewing descents as free speed and why, if you normally just cruise downhill, you’ll be storing up muscle fatigue for later on, when you really don’t need it. He also compares the different types of gradient and how you need to adapt your technique to be…

Going it alone – how to build your own challenges!

Challenges are not just for big events, they’re for everyone, any time, so start planning yours! It’s not surprising that big events are so alluring – all those people gathered together with a shared aim, the atmosphere, the support, the medal, the t-shirt but when you boil it all down, that stuff’s just window dressing….

An Ultra State of Mind

As we all navigate the Corona Virus lockdown, there’s a lot we can learn from ultra challenges.

Virus, what virus?

In this second post of our special series, Roger Burlinson explains how you can come out of lockdown in better shape than if it’d never happened.

Reframe, Reset, Refocus

In a new special series of posts, Roger Burlinson looks at how we might turn the adversity of the moment to our advantage

NEW Ultra Challenge ‘Walkshops’

Sport Walk Ultra Challenge ‘Walkshops’ We’ve set the date for two brand new ‘Walkshops’ (a walk with workshop elements), focussing on ultra challenges. They’re designed to give advice, guidance and technical coaching to anyone taking on an ultra challenge event this year. The first walk is designed for people taking on their first ultra. It…

Newfeel Walking Socks

Seeing as this is our first blog post after Christmas, it feels appropriate to do a review of some socks!

NEW VIDEO – Challenge yourself

You’ve nailed walking faster, you’ve got all your gear sorted, now you just need to inject some actual ‘sport’ into your Sport Walking!