‘Sport Walk 6’ Challenge

Now it won’t take a genius to figure out that the ‘Sport Walk 6’ challenge is simply half the duration of the ‘Sport Walk 12’ and the point of this challenge is to give you a really good strong block of walking that will still require all the logistical elements of the 12 – picking a route, getting replacement fuel & drink, keeping a strong pace etc – but at just six hours, it’s much more viable for anyone who might be struggling a bit to stay out for twelve hours, whether because of ability or other commitments.

The objective is exactly the same as for the ‘Sport Walk 12’ – you pick your own route, set your own goal and then walk as far as you can in six hours, simples! Unless you’re a bit of a Power or Race Walking dynamo, you’re unlikely to hit Marathon distance, so you’re probably looking at 30-40k max or maybe 20 miles or so.

The idea is simple: do your challenge, take pics along the way, then share your experience on social media afterwards. You can post on our Facebook page, tag us in posts on Twitter, mention us in posts on Instagram and make sure you use the hashtag: #SportWalk6

If you want some guidance on how to plan for your own challenges, take a look at our post on that exact subject here.