Sport Walk Merchandise

Our new merchandise store has opened, offering an initial selection of t-shirts. We’ve been planning this for some time and finally took the plunge setting up a store with Teemill, part of Rapanui, the Isle of Wight based clothing brand who are big on sustainability, recycling and removing plastics from the packaging of garments.

The store opened with just two designs but we’re planning to add a whole variety of slogan and artistic designs over time. A core part of our plan is to design slogans in particular that promote walking or make a point about the value or status of walking. While we also plan to create technical active wear especially designed for Sport Walkers, initially, we’re focusing on ‘aprés walk’ wear!

Our first slogan design is ‘Feet Came First’, a design which asserts walking’s position as the original mode of transport, just in case anyone needs reminding! The store is available directly in the menu above or you can reach it here.


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