We’re refreshing our ‘aprés walk’ wear this winter with some new designs and new garments for the cooler weather. When we first set up our Teemill store, we simply got started with some different slogan t-shirt designs, such as our popular #walkfaster tee. Now, we’re looking to expand the collection with more autumn and winter…

Sport Walk Merchandise

Our new merchandise store has opened, offering an initial selection of t-shirts. We’ve been planning this for some time and finally took the plunge setting up a store with Teemill, part of Rapanui, the Isle of Wight based clothing brand who are big on sustainability, recycling and removing plastics from the packaging of garments. The…

Newfeel Walking Socks

Seeing as this is our first blog post after Christmas, it feels appropriate to do a review of some socks!

La Sportiva Akasha – long term review

The La Sportiva ‘Akasha’ is a Mountain running endurance shoe, designed for long distance routes and ultra marathons, with an emphasis on cushioning.