We’re refreshing our ‘aprés walk’ wear this winter with some new designs and new garments for the cooler weather.

When we first set up our Teemill store, we simply got started with some different slogan t-shirt designs, such as our popular #walkfaster tee. Now, we’re looking to expand the collection with more autumn and winter garments, such as hoodies, sweat tops and long sleeved t-shirts for both men and women, while also adding to the range with some new more illustrative designs.

One of the things that lured us to using Teemill for our merchandise was that they’re both a carbon neutral company and they have an ethical supply chain. They also guarantee no plastic in their packaging, which is another reasons they are one of the more popular choices among outdoors brands.

But this alone isn’t enough, you want the clothing you buy to be good quality and to fit well and we’ve been really delighted with the samples we’ve had through for our designs and so we feel it’s time to really start to expand what we’re doing with our merchandise, safe in the knowledge that the clothing designs we make are sustainable.

But there’s also the wider question of why we want to produce t-shirts and hoodies in the first place, when Sport Walkers would naturally seek to use more technical attire? Well, we’re passionate about building awareness of and participation in Sport Walking – it’s what drives us – and a great way to build awareness is to wear clothing with a message!

Whatever we wear on the trail will only be seen by a few people but if Sport Walkers also wear clothing that puts Sport Walking out there – in the supermarket, in the city, at the beach or in social settings, then awareness of the existence of Sport Walking will grow and that’s one of the fundamentals we need, to be able to build a community of Sport Walkers and for the activity to grow and thrive.

Sound like a bit of a grand scheme? Well, you’re probably right but then you have to aim high to get off the ground! For us at Sport Walk, we’re aiming to build a sport and a community that can rival the ultra trail scene globally and to embed Sport Walking as the most accessible form of outdoors fitness there is, so everything we can do to raise awareness of Sport Walking and to create a vibrant image of a growing community, driven by taking on taking on a challenge, is going to help.

We’ve already added some new garments to our existing line and hope to introduce new designs before the year’s out. We’ll have more information on this when they’re release.

Meanwhile, why not take a look at our current range using the ‘Shop’ link in the top menu!


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