NEW VIDEO: Precision Fuel – First Look

We received some samples of Precision Hydration’s new ‘Precision Fuel’ all in one carb and electrolyte drink mix and in this video, Roger gives you a quick run down of what the drink gives you and takes it out for a taste test during a training session.

We’ve been recommending Precision Hydration’s personalised electrolyte drinks for some time now, we’ve even produced a video all about hydrating well on walks in collaboration with them. So, you can imagine, we were rather excited to hear that they’d developed a carbo drink mix combining their excellent electrolytes with 30g of carbs per 500ml serving, providing everything you need for your baseline fuelling and hydration on the trail.

Liquid fuels are a great way to keep your energy levels stable during Sport Walking challenges, ensuring you’ve always got what you need inside you to stay strong and achieve your goals. But not all sports fuels also attend to your hydration needs, especially in terms of the sodium levels included (the key electrolyte you need to focus on), so you can keep performing at your best.

PH’s new Precision Fuel, not only gives you 30g of carbs per 500ml serving, it also gives you 500mg of sodium. Some people might need more, if they lose a lot of sodium in their sweat but then it’s just a case of alternating with a higher strength electrolyte mix if that’s you. Being able to get a baseline supply both of electrolytes to PH’s respected specification and, also, to get a baseline supply of calories is a real bonus.


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