Watch And Learn

If you’ve been obsessed with the Olympics over this last week or so, then you’re in a great place to get far more out of it than you might think. You see every four years, we get treated to a brief look into the souls of people who really know how to achieve and, perhaps…

An Ultra State of Mind

As we all navigate the Corona Virus lockdown, there’s a lot we can learn from ultra challenges.

Virus, what virus?

In this second post of our special series, Roger Burlinson explains how you can come out of lockdown in better shape than if it’d never happened.

Reframe, Reset, Refocus

In a new special series of posts, Roger Burlinson looks at how we might turn the adversity of the moment to our advantage

A cunning plan…

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been beavering away here at Sport Walk Towers, working on our plans for 2019.

Ultra Running or Sport Walking – it’s all the same really

Last weekend saw the big Ultra Marathon event of the year – the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc or ‘UTMB’ as it’s known.  It’s about 105 miles long and it’s a monster, traversing as it does the entire Mont Blanc Massif. As one of the most famous Ultra races, the UTMB is always a draw…

If music be the spice of life…

The subject of whether to walk, run or do anything for that matter with music seems to be one of the most controversial topics in sport.

Rural or urban?

Can you Sport Walk in a city, town or suburban environment? Of course you can.