Rural or urban?

Can you Sport Walk in a city, town or suburban environment? Of course you can. Sport Walking is about the challenge and your approach to walking not the location or environment.

While Sport Walking in the wilderness, countryside or mountainous terrain brings immense satisfaction, urban environments can provide their own challenges. Plotting a route through a busy city can be a challenge in itself but it’s a great opportunity to see parts of the city that you might not normally see on a commute, business or leisure trip.

There are probably going to be parks and maybe waterways to start you off but then there are other potential route options – linking places or interest, historic buildings or maybe (if you’re lucky) city walls.

In London, for instance, the obvious Sport Walk route is the Thames Path but equally, you could plot a course across town from north to south. Of course the best part of Sport Walking in a city or town is that you don’t need to plan refuelling stops, as there a plentiful options, unlike in the wilderness when you may have to carry all your supplies for the whole route.

So, whether you Sport Walk in a city or town because that’s the limit of your day to day territory or maybe as a curiosity, we say go for it you might be surprised at how rewarding it might be.


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