VIDEO: How to Climb – The art of walking up hills FAST!

In this companion video to our ‘Free Speed’ package, Roger explains how to turn hills and climbs from what most people view as a chore into something you can actually enjoy and become good at tackling.

He looks at the reasons why most people find climbing hard and offers solutions to make going uphill at speed achievable for anyone. It’s all about technique and understanding the key elements of climbing, from making sure you don’t start too fast to having strategies for coping with the changes of incline and terrain.

The final ‘technique’ video in our Sport Walking Top Tips series will follow on from a part of this video and will look at how, why and where it’s best to use poles when Sport Walking (assuming that is you’re not Sport Walking Nordically). This video will be published some time in the autumn, after some other videos on slightly different topics have been released.

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