My First Ultra moves to Skillspack

‘My First Ultra’ – Sport Walk’s online course for those taking on their first ultramarathon – has a new home. Previously it was hosted within a dedicated portal just for Sport Walk courses but with the number of potential online courses that we might wish to create being relatively limited, we decided to place all Sport Walk courses and coaching services within our parent company’s learning portal – ‘Skillspack’.

Skillspack is Mediapack’s learning portal

This move will have no impact on the availability of our courses and coaching services, there is just a simple URL change for links taking you to the courses, with a new prefix of ‘skillspack’ rather than ‘sport-walk’. Because the whole portal name has now changed, the former URL will no longer work, so some who have bought My First Ultra already, may have difficulty navigating to the login page, depending on how they access the course. If so, the course can now be found here (the full address is below).

The move to place My First Ultra within the broader Skillspack portal will also mean that the course and Sport Walking will become discoverable to those signing up for other courses on different subjects, so it places My First Ultra and Sport Walking in a bigger pool and gives it a potentially wider audience.

Two new courses are being planned for 2023 to supplement My First Ultra, with the aim of creating a simple pathway from a starting point of walking for fitness all the way up to taking on your first ultramarathon. It’s hoped that the first of the two new courses will go into production in the Spring of 2023, with the second following in early summer.

The full URL for My First Ultra’s new home on Skillspack is:


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