Staunton Way Full Loop

When we decided to use the 2018 season to establish a few Sport Walking Trail Records, we needed to start with some shorter distances and gradually build duration over the summer. This meant picking some routes around 40-50k in length and relatively close to home, so we could keep the logistics as simple as possible….

Cannock Chase – Short Loop

Cannock Chase may be small compared to our National Parks but it packs a big punch, as Roger Burlinson found out on a recent training session.

Sport Walking distances defined

There’s so much potential to create routes of any length for Sport Walking and to treat them all equally as challenges, so here’s some basic guidance on Sport Walk distance categories, to help you pick the right one for your next challenge, training session or walk. So let’s start at the shortest end of the…

Sport Walk ‘New Forest Massif’ route

One of the problems with an Ultra route is that inevitably the section at the end will come after dark, unless of course you start in the dark, in which case the bit at the beginning will be in the dark – you just can’t win! And so it was for the ‘Sport Walk New…